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The more successful the villain, the more successful the movie.
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Tom make a film is easy. To make a good film is war. To make a very great film is a miracle.
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15 Secrets Your Characters Could Be Hiding: Story Ideas
Writing Material

Story Ideas: 15 Secrets Your Characters Could Be Hiding

Story Ideas: 15 Secrets Your Characters Could Be Hiding One of the biggest things we need for a great story in addition to a compelling…
m knight shyamalan
Screenplay Downloads

Download M Night Shyamalan Screenplays

M. Night Shyamalan Screenplays For You To Download M. Night Shyamalan is a film director, screenwriter, producer, and occasionally acts in his own films. It…
Screenplay Downloads

Download “Logan” Screenplay

Download Logan Screenplay Download the screenplay to one of the best X-Men based movies currently out. The focus is on Wolverine who lives completely off…
Spider Man Into the Spider Verse
Screenplay Downloads

Download Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse Screenplay

Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse Screenplay This is the story of Miles Morales and how he becomes Spider Man within his reality. He then crosses paths…

How to Name Your Fictional Characters

Plus More Than 2,500 Names & Meanings to Get Your Creative Juices Flowing.
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Here’s the latest posts on filmmaking.

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Make Fiction

Placing Video Inside of Text With Premiere Pro

Video Inside of Text Effect This is a cool little trick you can use in any of your projects. You've seen this many times in…
Make Fiction

Steadicam Shot :: Behind The Scenes

Steadicam Plus Choreography Equals Magic We all know how smooth and creative you can get with steadicam shots, however check out this behind the scenes…
Make Fiction

Amazon Has Decided To End IMDb’s Withoutabox Festival Submission Platform

The Internet Movie Database Rolls End Credits For Withoutabox Withoutabox is IMDB's online film festival submission platform that's been going strong for the past 10 years.…

Glitch Pack 2.0

Short Films

Here’s the latest posts on short films.

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Watch Fiction

People You May Know

People You May Know A woman tracks down her first love through Facebook. But the friendly meeting turns into something sinister. Summary Eleven years after…
Watch Fiction

Year Zero

Year Zero This is from 2011, but still holds up today in terms of VXF. Following in the footsteps of Prologue Films and The Mill,…
Watch Fiction

No Signal

No Signal No Signal is best experienced with a full screen and ample sound speakers or headphones. Full project on Behance : No Signal is an…
Watch Fiction

Tears In The Rain

Watch this intense sci-fi short film called "Tears In The Rain: A Blade Runner Short", a depiction set in the world of Philip K. Dick's…