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12 Good Examples Of Movies That Use Flashbacks

In screenwriting, at some point you will hear that using flashbacks is considered “bad” or is a sign of an “amateur”. In the screenplays where the writer has completely abused the flashback technique — I agree. However, when used creatively, flashbacks can be a very powerful technique. Just make sure that your use of flashbacks pays off dramatically. Below are twelve good movies where flashbacks are used throughout the story and gets it right.

Tips On How To Write Flashbacks

There isn’t a right or wrong way to write flashbacks, but depending on how you want the flashback to be shown visually you may want to write it a certain way. For instance, you could insert the word “FLASHBACK” in the same line as your location if you want the flashback to appear like a montage.


Sam raises from an unmarked grave and gasps.

A ZOMBIE chokes him from behind.

Sam fights him off — but five more zombies tackle him as he tries to run.


Another way to write a flashback is by just inserting it into the location and write the scene as you would normally do. For example:


However you decide to write your flashbacks, just make sure it does not interrupt the flow of your story. Often times writers can get so caught up into adding so many flashbacks that it becomes hard to follow the basic plot.

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