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Best 4K Cameras Under $500

You’re looking for a camera that can go where you go, while you bring your adventures to life with video, and tell your story to the world.

Choosing the right equipment comes down to deciding where your priorities lie. Let’s take a look at some great 4K cameras. Whether you’re a vlogger, filmmaker, or video enthusiast these options are great for filmmaking on a budget.

GoPro 7

If you need a solid camera for shooting your active life, this may be your guy! With HyperSmooth technology (aptly named by GoPro), this model makes use of the best of digital stabilization, providing you with clear, steady video. For most uses, you should be able to do without a hand-held gimbal stabilizer, as the camera corrects shaky footage of, say, mountain biking through the forest, at the internal level. This means real-life shots can happen more organically and with far less wasted footage.

The next major feature in this camera’s favor is its live streaming capabilities. If you want to take your video straight to Facebook, it’s as easy as opening up the GoPro phone app. So yes, you will still need your phone in order to stream, but it can be securely stored in your backpack while the sturdy, element-proof GoPro takes the brunt of the action.

Add to this a user interface that has improved navigation features from earlier models, and a retail price of just $399 (the same as the GoPro 6, I might add), and you’ve got a winner for shooting and sharing your next adventure.

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DJI Osmo Pocket

The Osmo Pocket is the latest, and smallest, handheld camera developed by DJI. This camera is stabilized mechanically on a three-axis gimbal, with an intuitive design that allows you to film what and where you want with ease. The innovation of this camera will be appreciated by professionals as much as by vacationers, and even by parents capturing their growing children’s lives.

Features like FaceTrack, which narrows in and follows a face, and ActiveTrack, which focuses on a selected subject, allow you to keep the focus of the shot where you want it. The gimbal’s smooth and dynamic responsiveness produces eye-catching video of cinematic quality. And the compact design means you don’t have to stop the action to capture it.

Like the GoPro 7, the Osmo Pocket makes use of a smartphone app to simplify the process of streaming your important moments live. This app, DJI Mimo, offers filters and templates to bring your individual story to life. Additionally, Mimo also provides a Pro Mode, allowing the user further control over the camera’s settings.

Accessories such as a water-proof case, charging case, and wireless module are also available from DJI to bring added value to this camera. And it’s size allows you the freedom to bring it out when you need it, share your story with a single touch, and just as quickly slip it in your pocket, so you can get on with your next adventure.

At a price of only $349, the Osmo Pocket is a great choice for telling your ordinary story in an extraordinary way. You can definitely mimic some of the best shots in cinema with this mini gimbal!

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Panasonic G7

Both the GoPro 7 and the Osmo Pocket have proven to be great contenders for anyone looking to film without stopping to think too much about it. Both fit seamlessly into a busy and active lifestyle.

So, what if you are looking for a great camera for recording stellar video, yet you also want the control and flexibility of a more traditional dSLR?

Look no further than the Panasonic G7. This alternative to a standard dSLR comes with 4K video, and an impressive array of settings and features to make your video into something worth sharing. This interchangeable-lens model is lightweight and sturdy, and offers numerous customizable controls.

Another major difference between the G7 and the first two cameras mentioned is that the G7 does not have streaming capabilities. It does, however, have a very comprehensive Wi-Fi system. Not only can you can upload photos and video to your smartphone, but also straight to social media, or to your home computer or network. So, while you may not be able to share that gorgeous video straight from the street while on vacation, the options for upload over Wi-Fi still allow you to bring your experience to the world.

Retailing at $497.99, the Panasonic G7 is a perfect camera for the family that loves to travel and capture their memories on the go. It is well suited to a user who is already accustomed to, or is learning, the customized control of a dSLR-style camera. While not environmentally sealed like the GoPro 7 or Osmo Pocket, the G7 is ready to produce the video quality you are looking for.

So, if you are looking for a camera to bring your life to the screen in 4K video, there are some outstanding options for under $500. You won’t have to sacrifice quality for budget.

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Rylo Action Camera

The Rylo 360 Action Camera is a powerful and easy-to-use camera that will bring you much excitement. I say that, because it features a cool 360 degree video and photo option that allows you to capture everything around you. It also has panoramic pictures from its double 208-degree camera system which is top of the line for the price.It’s sleek, easy to use and has a cool design. Unless your lighting conditions are very dim or poor — it will guarantee you some great quality images.

The Rylo app is simple to use and a really easy to edit your photos and videos. It comes with a compact case, neat little accessories and has a “follow feature” that lets you track the action with a single tap. You can follow any object and the camera’s orientation will adapt to make sure your subject is in frame.

The battery can easily be swapped out or replaced for long videos. In addition to that, it has a MicroSD card that can be upgraded to 256GB.

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Sony X3000

So let’s take a look at the Sony X3000. This camera is an another all around awesome waterproof action camera with a remote. It’s got an excellent price at around $400USD and the 4k footage is like what you would expect. It produces a smooth image, almost gimbal like when attached to an object like your helmet or another hard surface.

Maybe the only negative thing you may run into when buying this package is that you would need to buy a separate Sony AKA-MCP1 Multicoat Protector for Action Cam (costs about $27USD) to protect the Lense because that is not replaceable replaceable. Other than that, you’re in good hands.

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