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Best of The Best Shots in Cinema

Is there even such a thing as “the best shots of all time” in cinema? Take a look at these deep movie analysis that examines everything from good to great cinematic shots. The first video takes a deep dive into what makes a close up and a long shot effective. The videos explore scenes from movies like The Passion of Joan of Arc, Godfather 2, Raging Bull, Psycho and Lawrence of Arabia.

With the next video they go into depth with relational shots, two shots, over the shoulders, group shots and crowds. This isn’t just based on style, but the logic behind why and how these shots were used so effectively.

Looking For Ways To Get Those Cinematic Camera Movements?

You don’t exactly have to be rich in order to get a lot of the shots shown in the videos above. There are plenty of affordable resources these days to achieve the same or similar looks. Below are some of our suggestions on the most common tools you can grab today.

The Konova Slider

  • High quality made of aluminum professional camera slider, high payload to support heavy duty camera system.
  • Removable and foldable legs allow the slider to be put in an included carrier for portability.
  • Multiple 1/4″ and 3/8″ screw holes on both ends and middle for various mounting options.
  • Two chrome coated shafts in the rail for rust protection and make slider more smooth with 3 roller bearings.
  • Supports various accessories for parallax shot, motorized system and flywheel.

The Mova Air 3 Gimbal

They are calling this gimbal the “Ronin Killer” due to the fact that it does about 70% of what the Ronin can do and it’s cost being lower. It’s a bold claim being that the Ronin is better built, handles more weight and has more room for your equipment. However the Mova will give you the bang for your buck if you want one of the best gimbals out for a reasonable cost, but keep in mind this is for smaller cameras. Check out some of its features:

  • Made from Aerospace Industry-Grade Aluminum, Compact Structure(2.4lbs) Without Exposed Wires, whereas achieving a maximum payload of 5.5lbs(2.5kg)
  • Three Automobile-Grade Motors with High Resolution Encoders, 3 Axis 360 Degree Unlimited Rotations, Dual Handle Mode and Multiple Operation Modes
  • Tri-Way Control Via the Handgrip Control, MOZA Wireless Thumb Controller(Not Included) or MOZA Assistant App
  • 6-8 Hours Continuous Working Time. 1/4″ Screw Hole at The Bottom to use with Tripod, Slider, Jib, Crane etc
  • Supported Tested Cameras: Fujifilm X-T2, BMCC, BMPCC, Sony A99 A7SII A6300, Panasonic GH5 GH4, Nikon D800, Leica M10, Canon 7D Mark II, Canon Rebel T6i, Canon 5DS, Canon 5D Mark IV and Canon 5D Mark III

Need Some Video Glitch Effects?

Glitch effects have always been a powerful simple effect when used correctly. Music videos, movies, presentations, the list goes on. While you can make your own glitch effects with enough patience and time, these presets for adobe premiere make it a lot easier by simply allowing you to drag and drop the effects onto your footage.

This is a glitch pack with 25 Adobe Premiere CC presets you can easily drop onto your footage and modify for your desired glitch effect. Use one preset on your video footage or multiple presets on the same clip in order to get unique results.

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Helpful eBooks for Your Writing

Learn to Write Stronger Story Concepts, Themes & Loglines

There’s a saying that “Concept is King”. I tend to agree with this. Think about it. The concept of your story is the overall idea at its most basic core. It’s what makes us want to read your book, screenplay or see your movie after millions of dollars has been spent on developing it. You‘ve probably read a book or screenplay that was well written with lots of clever wordplay, but when’s the last time you have heard anyone excited about a mediocre concept? For me, concept is king, but execution is just as important. After all, what good is a cool idea if the author can’t tell the story in the best way it could possibly be told? Imagine if the movie “Karate Kid” was just a movie about a boy learning karate and receiving a black belt at the end to make his single mother proud. What if “The Godfather” was just about an old mob boss who ran his organization with an iron fist then just died at the end of the movie. How would that be any different from the thousands of mob flicks we’ve never even heard of with forgettable plots? These are concepts you most likely would forget an hour after watching them on the big screen.

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How to Name Your Fictional Characters (Plus More Than 2,500 Names & Meanings To Get Your Creative Juices Flowing)

You know what’s just as bad as hitting a brick wall with the plot of your screenplay or novel? Hitting that same brick wall even harder when it comes time to give your protagonist or any other character that perfect name. Having the right name for your characters not only helps them to become memorable, but can help sell the story as well. Sebastian Dangerfield (“The Ginger Man”), Tony Starks (“Iron Man”), Atticus Finch (“To Kill A Mockingbird”), Luke Skywalker (“Star Wars”), James Bond (“Casino Royale”)…the list goes on. Imagine pitching your screenplay or novel with any of these character names.

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