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Playing to Your Strengths

In this clip we hear Christopher Nolan go in depth into why you should focus on what uniqueness you bring to a project that set you apart. In filmmaking, some director’s work stand out more than others. We hear how Nolan goes through his process in what makes some of his previous work stand out. He goes into how George Lucas, Ridley Scott and other filmmakers have influenced him and his work.

Must Have Tools For Every Filmmaker

As a filmmaker there are some essential tools you probably need to keep handy that will never be based on trends. Things such as proper lighting, audio and tripods never go out of style and hold up longer than the latest DSLR. Check out some of the recommended links below you can grab on the cheap!

Need Some Video Glitch Effects?

Glitch effects have always been a powerful simple effect when used correctly. Music videos, movies, presentations, the list goes on. While you can make your own glitch effects with enough patience and time, these presets for adobe premiere make it a lot easier by simply allowing you to drag and drop the effects onto your footage.

This is a glitch pack with 25 Adobe Premiere CC presets you can easily drop onto your footage and modify for your desired glitch effect. Use one preset on your video footage or multiple presets on the same clip in order to get unique results.

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