Copyright VS WGA?

Although they say the odds of your screenplay being stolen in Hollywood are rare, you should still copyright or register your work once you’re done. This brings us to the question “Should I copyright or register it with the WGA?”. Well, if you want to have the strongest protection that holds up in a court of law then you will want to copyright your work with The U.S. Copyright Office of the Library of Congress.

Although copyright protection exists at the moment of creation, registration with the Copyright Office is required before a lawsuit can be brought. If a writer doesn’t register their work, they can not sue in federal court and will only be eligible to receive either the amount the infringement made or the amount they lost, whichever is greater. In most cases that amount is normally ZERO. In the event a writer has to sue for copyright infringement, the real money is in PUNITIVE damages which can only be won through having their script properly registered with the Copyright Office.

In the event that a writer registers their screenplay with the Copyright Office after the infringement has taken place, he or she won’t be able to recover attorneys fees or statutory damages in the lawsuit.

For a few more points watch the video below.

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