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Create an Animated Scribble Effect With Your Video

By December 21, 2017No Comments

Animated Scribble Effect

If you’re looking for a way to spice up a scene in your short film (depending on the genre) or music video then you may want to check out this popular scribble effect. Using After Effects this can be a quick way to exaggerate or accent certain moments in your video project where necessary. Take a look and see if it’s a trick worth learning for the type of work you do!

Need More Video Editing Tricks?

If you really want to add some more fuel to your video editing arsenal then check out Glitch Pack 2.0!

This is a glitch pack with 25 Adobe Premiere CC presets you can easily drop onto your footage and modify for your desired glitch effect. Use one preset on your video footage or multiple presets on the same clip in order to get unique results.

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