Amblin Partners recently acquired the rights for writer-director Jacob Chase’s horror short Larry. The intent is to turn the short film into a feature. Chase will also write and direct the feature version.

Larry is based on a creepy  monster who manifests through high-tech devices like smartphones and other screen devices. The feature version will be similar to this concept, but will focus on a troubled young boy who creates Larry through his nightmares. The goal for Amblin is to create a horror experience in the vein of Lights Out and Mama, two short films that were turned into genre feature hits.

The project was shopped based on a treatment by Chase and the short film. Several companies were interested in the project, but Amblin made the first move got into an exclusive negotiation and closed the deal over the weekend. The producers’ deals are still in the works.

In the past Chase wrote the TV project Harmony, which currently has a put pilot commitment at ABC. He also has other award winning short films and commercials under his belt and worked with the Jim Henson company on a good amount of writing projects in the past.

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