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How Do You Get That “Film Look”?

Probably the most common question amongst all indie filmmakers. So what is “the film look” exactly? We can define that as theĀ process in which video images are altered in overall appearance to appear to have been shot on film. Most amateurs will assume the film look only consists of shallow depth of field, but we know from the amount of short films on YouTube it’s much more than that.

First and foremost, it’s not about the camera you’re shooting on and you don’t need the latest prosumer camera to pull it off. There are several techniques you can do while filming on set as well as in post production to get the film look. Proper lighting, composition and audio are the basic standard things you must execute before dumping a bunch of LUT’s and presets onto your footage though.

Have a look at some of the videos below to see how you can make your next project look and feel cinematic.

Need Some Video Glitch Effects?

Glitch effects have always been a powerful simple effect when used correctly. Music videos, movies, presentations, the list goes on. While you can make your own glitch effects with enough patience and time, these presets for adobe premiere make it a lot easier by simply allowing you to drag and drop the effects onto your footage.

This is a glitch pack with 25 Adobe Premiere CC presets you can easily drop onto your footage and modify for your desired glitch effect. Use one preset on your video footage or multiple presets on the same clip in order to get unique results.

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