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The Most Annoying Things People Do in Theaters

Ever since covid shut theaters down and forced us to stay home and watch our favorite movies, people are actually starting to realize — it’s not so bad. In some cases even better if you have the right setup. As cheap as big screen televisions are these days with sound bars or surround sound speakers, it’s actually got more advantages than going to a crowded theater in our opinion.

Based on various survey’s floating around on the internet, here’s some of the top reasons people hate going to the theaters.

When People Won’t Stop Talking

It’s probably unrealistic to think you’ll get complete silence during a movie, but being able to hear a random conversation from strangers while you’re listening to the plot of the movie is enough to make you wanna scream.

Annoying people in movie theaters

Unable to Put Your Phone Away

Now we have to see your extra bright phone screen everytime you pull it out to check your text messages or type something on social media. It’s worse when you’re actually talking on it.

People Kicking the Back of Your Chair

There’s nothing worse than trying to watch a movie in theaters and for whatever reason the person behind you won’t stop kicking your chair.

Constantly Getting Up to Go to the Restroom

Come on man, you knew you were in for a two hour movie, unless you have a personal issue why keep getting up? Either we have to tuck our legs in and squirm out of the way or we have to watch your huge, slow silhouette move past the screen.

Loud Eating or Slurping

Personally, I haven’t had this issue, but I can definitely empathize with anyone who does. Yuck.

Most annoying things in movie theaters

Feet Propped Up On Someone’s Chair

This is up there with kicking the back of someone’s chair for whatever reason, but may be the top annoying thing an idiot in a movie theater could possibly do. Instead of being able to sit back and enjoy the movie, we are forced to see a dirty pair of sneakers inches away from our face in the next seat — or even worse — on the back of our own seat! This could be the catalyst to an argument or fist fight. yes it’s that serious.

Babies Crying

Why bring an infant to a movie theater? What’s even worse — when they inevitably start crying, why would you sit there for several minutes trying to get them to stop while everyone else suffers? Babysitter. Please.

Laughing at the Wrong Times

That awkward or annoying laugh either at the wrong points of the movie or just to be annoying is enough to remind us we’re in a crowded room with a bunch of strangers and take us out of the moment.

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